A Professional Association of attorneys practicing Customs, International Trade (Imports and Exports), and Estate Planning and Administration (Wills, Trusts and Estates).

Customs & International Trade at Sonnenberg & Cunningham:

  • The law firm of Sonnenberg & Cunningham guides clients through Customs and International Trade Law.
  • The Customs & International Trade Practice Group advises individual and corporate importers, exporters, and logistics service providers.
  • Allows companies to achieve Customs compliance so that they may focus upon their core business competencies.

Customs News

MTB 2016 – An Opportunity to Reduce or Eliminate Duties on Imported Goods for One Year

Between October 14, 2016 and December 12, 2016, the USITC will accept Miscellaneous Trade Bill petitions. The MTB petitions allow …

CBP Proposes Electronic Liquidation Notices to Importers

After hundreds of years of publishing the “official” liquidation date into dusty paper volumes available for public inspection at the …

Trusts News

2016 Exemption from Estate Tax

In 2016, the federal estate tax exemption is $5,450,000, which is an increase from the exemption amount of $5,430,00 in …

2016 Annual Exclusion from Gift Tax

In 2016, the annual exclusion from gift tax isĀ $14,000, which is the same annual exclusion amount as in prior years …

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