CBP Proposes Electronic Liquidation Notices to Importers

After hundreds of years of publishing the “official” liquidation date into dusty paper volumes available for public inspection at the Ports, CBP has proposed legally binding electronic notices of liquidation to importers in the Federal Register.

Currently, ‚Äúnotices of liquidation for formal entry, including notices of liquidation by operation of law, are physically posted in the customhouse or station at the port of entry on CBP Form 4333, and this physical posting is deemed the legal evidence of liquidation and provides the date of liquidation,” according to the agency’s notice.

As an accommodation to importers, CBP had provided “courtesy” liquidation notices to importers in paper format via mail, but they had no legal effect and (sometimes) contained a liquidation date different from the official liquidation date, forcing importers and their representatives to visit the Port of entry to look into the official publication tome to ensure timely filing of a Protest for refund of duties. The proposed rule would also eliminate the practice of CBP’s mailing paper “courtesy” notices.